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Corporate Mission statement: providing to Italian and European customers world class simple products with a world class service through the better distribution systems.

Praesidia S.r.l. was founded in 1986 and since then its headquarters are in Bologna. The starting activity was that of medical devices regional distribution - Emilia Romagna - for Hospitals and Health Care organizations.

During the first years Praesidia is active mainly in Italy and during this period the Company widens the product range distribution, both with the acquisition of further disposable products and equipment focused into new surgical techniques and with the development of its own Praesidia-branded product lines - EcoTherm is the first product line of this kind- . In the same period the Company gradually strengthens its sales force.

Starting from 1996 Praesidia progressively emphasizes the business developed by its own branded product lines: the company widens its distribution range through an hybrid system formed by sales agents and authorized distributors covering the whole Italian territory.

In 2008 Praesidia acquires a patent for the product Flexigrip in the field of cardiothoracic surgery, even then obtaining FDA approval for the development of the U.S. market.


The Company is lead by Giovanni Lorenzini - that is in charge of the company administration and of local distribution - and by Flavio Tumiati that, together with Piero Malobbia, develops national and international distribution.

Praesidia can count on 5 direct salesmen and 16 distributors, beside an internal company structure accounting for one product manager, one sales specialist, one trade sales manager and the internal sales administration staff.

The Group develops a consolidated turnover of approximately € 5 millions.

Praesidia is also associated with Corios, the most important medical products distribution network in Italy.


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